A Merry Welcome

I don’t know what it is about front doors- but I LOVE them. I love the fact that  they are the first impression of your house; your “inner-sanctum” so to speak, that people receive. It’s the place where we announce to the world that this house is a place of fun, family, and happiness… at least that’s what I want my front door to say. It’s been a bit sad lately. It’s been, pretty much a door; nothing more. But I was bound to change that, and am still working on it. Here is my first ever handmade wreath.

It was actually very easy. I picked up a styrofoam           wreath at my local Michaels, as well as two skeins of yarn, some ribbon, and a “bunch” of silk flowers. I picked yellow and blue for summer- but this could easily be changed for any season.

I tied the yarn onto the wreath and started wrapping. It took me about a 1/2 hour to wrap the base twice (make sure to do it twice to fill in any gaps). Then I tied on the blue, made some “x’s”; but you could just as easily do stripes, go all the way around, or anything else you may fancy!

The flowers I just cut from the stem and hot glued onto the base. I tied some ribbon on and hung it on my front door.

Voila! $10 and 45 minutes later and I finally have a front door I can be proud of. : )

Soon I’ll be working on a fall version of my yarn wreath as well some cute planters.


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