My attempt at answering, “Whats for dinner?”

Imagine this… you come home from work and open up your fridge. You know exactly what you are going to make and have all the ingredients. And in fact you know exactly what you will be having for the rest of the month and have your shopping lists all ready for your next grocery run… yeah me neither, but a girl can dream right?

In fact this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I go crazy when I come home with no idea of what to make, my tummy’s rumbling, and Mr. Right is grumbling that there is nothing in the fridge. I was always of the idea that I should just buy whats on sale and create dinners from that. But you know what happens more often then not, I make pasta 3 days that week and half that food I bought gets tossed. Not exactly frugal is it?

So heres my plan, ready?

I now have a Whats For Dinner binder. Dinners are split into two sections, Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. I went through all my recipes and picked 30 for each season as well as 15 cold month sides amd 15 warm month sides. I printed out each recipe and put in binder sleeves.

Then for each season I created a monthly calendar and corresponding shopping list. In the front of my binder I house my a blank calendar of the current month. I make sure to note any special days where dinner will be different (ie birthdays, date nights, etc.). Then all I do is “fill in the blank” on my calendar following my preset list.

Ive been working on my binder for several evenings now and am all set for “Fall” to start Sept 1st.

I will be posting free binder printables and pictures soon so you can all share in my journey of taking back dinner!


Autumn Meal Plan

Winter Meal Plan

Spring Menu Plan

Summer Menu Plan


Up next on my organizational journey? Easy breakfasts for crazy mornings…you know, everyday. 🙂