Mess Free

There are just some days when I am not in the mood to clean up a mess. Chock it up to hormones, screaming kids, or not enough coffee; but there are days when I just need an art activity that is easy to put together, and has virtually no clean up.

Enter- Ziploc Painting!!! DaDaDa!

This is one of my favorite cranky nanny, rainy day, crazy kids activities. And it’s SOO easy.

All you need is a freezer style ziploc bag, paint, and tape.

Pour the paint into the bag, close tight, and tape onto any flat surface (highchair, table, floor, etc.). My favorite way to do this is to tape it to a low window. That way the sun shines through the paint and it looks like stained glass.

There are several directions to go with this activity. You can either just pour one color in- tape it down- and let the kids at it. Or you can put a few different colors in and talk about mixing colors (ie. blue+yellow=green). Or you could even place a piece of sturdy paper, such as cardstock, into the bag; and when the kids are done squishing the paint you can take the paper out to dry.

This activity is great for all ages depending on which variation you choose. I’ve done this with Baby Miss (1 1/2) at it’s most simple form, but also with Little Miss (4yrs) by mixing colors and working on writing letters “in” the paint.

Let you imagination go wild!