Fall prints

So I’ve been wanting to do a fall craft with Baby Miss for a few days now, but she is very adverse to “mess” so it had to be something that would keep her relatively clean (ie nothing sticky, gritty, anything that would goop up her hands, etc). So I thought, why not have her do a print of something. That way her hands never get in the paint.

This is what I did.

I layed out a giant piece of white paper and taped it to the ground. Then I drew in brown crayon the outline of a tree.

I gave Baby Miss a wine cork and bowl with red and yellow paint.
Then I showed her how to stamp the cork in the paint, then on the paper.


It was easy, generally clean, and turned out great. For slightly older kids, feel free to talk about how red and yellow mix to make orange. You can also paint their forearms and hands to make the tree trunk and branches.

The next fall craft we will try will be apple prints. Ill let you know how that goes. 🙂


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