Listening bodies

Listening is a really hard skill. In fact, one of my greatest social sins is interrupting. I’m terrible at it!

And if I have a hard time with it I know the girls do too. I saw this neat idea on pinterest about “give me 5”. It’s a way to teach kids how to listen with there whole bodies.

I explained the concept to Little Miss and then we all (including Baby) made a poster to put up as a reminder. We each traced a hand as a “promise” that when any of us raised our hand it meant we had something important to say and the others needed to use good listening skills.


The 5 skills are as follows:

1. Bodies still
2. Mouths quiet
3. Eyes looking
4. Ears listening
5. Hands free (meaning nothing in them)

We practiced the skills several times while making the poster.

I can’t say it’s been a miracle, but it has been a helpful reminder. And it was a great way to teach the girls that what they have to say is important too.

How do you help teach good listening?