Vroom Vroom!

They always say kids play with the box more than the toy, but today Baby Miss and I took that to new heights. Today we made a toy out of a box.
The latest shipment of diapers arrived on the front porch this morning and after putting said diapers away, Baby Miss and I stared at the large box leftover. There had to be some way to use it other than just by recycling it or using it to hold things.

I decided to take it apart completely and see what I could come up with. As I started fiddling with it, the idea came to make a road (Baby Miss has been fascinated by cars and trucks lately), but not just a road, a ramp! I taped the box together so that it formed a triangle. Then I showed Baby Miss how to hold the cars at the top and say “1,2,3 go!” (a great way to add number skills).


She loved it! I’m thinking of letting Little Miss decorate it; perhaps as a quiet time activity- when Baby Miss is napping.

Do you have any great ideas for cardboard boxes?