Toddler Ornaments

So I’ve been trying to come up with a few ideas for ornaments that Baby Miss (2 yrs) can do with only minimal help, and I think I’ve come up with two pretty good ones. Not only do they give you little one a great sense of accomplishment and pride, but homemade ornaments also make great gifts for teachers, grandparents, babysitters, etc.

The first uses contact paper (sticky clear paper, you can get it at any craft or office supply store) and tissue paper. I cut out two similarly sized squares of contact paper, and placed one in front of Baby Miss. I had small torn pieces of tissue paper from a previous craft that I brought out. All she had to do was stick the tissue pieces to the contact paper. Once full, I placed the other piece of contact paper on top. Then I cut out an ornament shape (circle with a small square on top). On the small square I punched a hole, then threaded ribbon through. These could go on the tree, or you can hang them in front of a window for a fun decoration.


The next type of ornament we made utilized finger paint and paper plates. I did this twice with Baby Miss. On one plate, I had her finger paint with green; the next with red. (I did try one with both colors, but it just came out brown and yucky looking).

Once the paint dried… and Baby Miss had had a bath 🙂 ,I cut a shape from the center of the plate. From the green one I cut a tree; from the red, a candy cane. I punched holes in the tops and threaded ribbon through.


These activities could be adapted for older children by adding materials (glitter, pompoms, stickers, buttons, etc.) and by also letting them do their own cutting (with supervision of course). 🙂



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