Fit Friday: Go-to Snacks

Well, my computer is working… kinda… kinda not. I have a new battery and charger, but it still shuts down on me randomly. Frustrating, but currently it’s on, so I’m going with it.

I wanted to share with you my top 5 go-to snack foods. These are items I always have ready to go in my house for all those times when I just need something… like RIGHT NOW.

So here ya go, my 5 foods you should have in your kitchen always.

1) Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are fabulous. Eggs fill you up. They are high in protein to keep you full for a while but they can also be a pain to cook if you should have been out the door 5 minutes ago. I usually get 2 dozen eggs when I go grocery shopping; 1 to cook with and 1 for hard-boiling. That way I have all set a super easy breakfast, or snack, or lunch. Have a few minutes? Chop them up, mix in an avocado, add some lemon juice, salt and pepper and you have a delicious egg salad. Or try on top of a salad. Either way, hard-boiled eggs are indispensable in my house.

2) Trail-mix

Trail mix is one of those foods I’ve always adored, since I was a kid…. then again, when I was a kid I usually just ate all the  M&M’s, but still, I love it. And it’s super easy and extremely versatile. Plus, it’s almost always paleo. I like to keep a large container all ready to go in my pantry. As it starts to empty, I can add new ingredients so it’s ever changing. I start with nuts of any type (just not peanuts), add dried fruit (no added sugar), unsweetened coconut, dark chocolate chips; the possibilities are endless. Toss a handful in a ziploc and put in your purse for anytime that you feel your blood sugar dropping; or munch on some after a tough workout- your body will thank you for it.

3) Veggies veggies and more veggies

I like to keep a good sized gladware container full of ready to go chopped up veggies in my fridge at all times. It makes everything from snack time to dinner prep easier. I try to keep the veggies organic and seasonal, but usually there are carrots, celery, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, etc. It’s easy to grab a handful with some dressing to add to my lunch. A little dicing and they are set for my morning omelette, or a quick saute and they can be added to dinner. I prep a bunch on the weekend so I’m all ready to go throughout the week.

4) Plain cooked chicken

Chicken is one of those foods that can be used for just about any meal at any time of day. It makes the week run a whole lot smoother if I have several chicken breasts precooked from the weekend ready for whatever and whenever. I can shred it, add some salsa, and wrap it in a lettuce cup for lunch. I can add it on top of a salad. I can toss it in a stir fry. Really, it can go just about anywhere. And since Paleo doesn’t bode well with “fast food” or those frozen meals from the grocery store; it’s nice to have something that can be just as quick.

5) Fruit

Uh… I don’t think this one needs much explanation, but don’t think it’s not just as important. I can’t tell you how many times I’m about to run out the door when my stomach growls and I stare at the kitchen looking for inspiration. My savior? A peach, or banana, or apple, or pear…. Anything that’s easy to grab and go, I’m all for. For fruits that aren’t so easy, just make sure to have some prepped before hand. When it’s berry season, I like to have a huge bowl of strawberries, tops cut off, to add to smoothies, top a salad, for on the road, etc. Same with pineapple, oranges, or any other fruit that needs some preparation.

If you’ve noticed, each snack tends to take a bit of preparation. But I’m always so thankful that I’ve put in the time to have these healthy snacks ready when I need something quick. Just find a day when you have 30-60 minutes, and get your kitchen all set for the rest of the week. You’ll be just as glad as I am when you end up reaching for a cup of strawberries and a hardboiled egg instead of some nasty chemical concoction.

By the way, most of you know that I’ve been Paleo for a few months now and that I’m working to lose weight for my wedding… well I’ve hit a bit of a plateau (lost 13lbs so far!) and I decided that the biggest push I’m going to get is from sharing even more, so…. now on Fridays I will not only be sharing tips and tricks that I’ve discovered, but … I will also share my weight…………..

OH MY GOSH!… what have I done…. lol.

and maybe a picture… that one still really scares.

So … here goes.

I started at 170lbs. I am now at 157. My goal is between 130-140.

Phew, ok. Not so bad. 😛

Do you have a weight loss goal? Do you have any tips  and tricks? I would love to hear about your journey!



The Right Choices Make all the Difference

As a lot of you know I am working on getting back in shape. I’ve been Paleo for a few months now and I have to say, it’s getting easier. I am feeling better,  lost 10lbs in the first month, and am starting to really love eating healthier. I’m focusing on loading up on vegetables, using protein and fiber to stay full longer, and using fruit as my “sweet reward”. I’ve found that if I get into a routine it tends to be a lot easier to make the right choices. I wanted to share with you what my routine is.



Morning: Vegetable egg scramble

1-2 cups veggies (depending on if they cook down or not) sauteed in 1 tbsp butter with 3 eggs (optional: sausage and/or potatoes)


Pumpkin Pancakes with 1 tbsp butter, 1 drizzle of real maple syrup or honey, and fresh fruit


Mid-Morning: Smoothie

2 cups mixed frozen fruit, 1 cup coconut or almond milk, 2 tbsp flax seed (optional: 2 tbsp nut butter); blend till       smooth


Homemade ‘LaraBar’ 

Lunch: Salad with Protein

2 heaping cups of raw vegetables, 1 cup grilled chicken, steak, fish, shrimp, hard boiled eggs, etc. Top with homemade salad dressing (optional: 2 tbsp nuts or seeds)


2 cups steamed vegetables with 1 cup protein


Apple, Banana, or celery with nut butter on top


2 hard boiled eggs and a piece of fruit

Dinner: Whatever is on my plan (check out or for options)

Evening: Hot Tea (my newest obsession is chai vanilla tea with coconut milk- yum!)


That’s it! Not that hard, no weird ingredients, and full of amazing paleo goodness. Plus, it’s so much nicer not having to think about what I’m going to eat.

Do you have any amazing quick and easy whole food recipes? I’d love to hear about them. 🙂



Just between us girls..

Growing up I was a bit… well not fat, more heavy; thick. I was always the biggest of my friends and I knew it to. I mean how sick is it for a ten year old to compare herself to her friends and think that there must be something wrong with her? But thats where I was and thats what I thought.

Enter puberty, for the most part I thinned out. I grew taller, got boobs, and went from being one of the biggest to being, average. But for some reason I could never get it out my head that I was too big, too soft, that I needed fixing. And that was hard… is still hard.

And I tried, really hard, to fix myself. I counted every morsel entering my mouth. I worked out, alot. But you know what? No matter how much weight I lost I never felt ok.

Its a scary thing to hate yourself.

I feel though that my saving grace, was food. As Ive said before (in an earlier post), I love food. I never really could give up the joy that cooking, baking, and melted butter really bring. Man I love butter.

And then I read a book, Food Rules by Michael Pollan. It’s a list on how to approach food and eating. And it really hit me- eat real food. I mean REAL food. No diet food. No fake food. No processed, sitting on a shelf for 2 years food. And I really had one of those “duh!” moments. Of course, real food because thats what my body knows how to process. Thats what my body knows what to do with. If I just pay attention to my body it will get to the place where it is supposed to be. No guilt, no pressure, no straining my body to be what it can’t be and shouldn’t be. Eat when I’m hungry, eat only real food, and move as often as possible. It really should’nt be rocket science should it?


So thats my goal. Eat real food. Eat when Im hungry. And move. Thats it.

And you know, for once, I love my body. Honestly and truly. And I love that.

Life is amazing isn’t it?

I love food!

I love food. I love eating food. I love talking about food. I love food dipped in chocolate.

Growing up I was never a picky eater. I was always the first one to clean my plate, and I reveled in the thought of finding a new recipe, gathering the ingredients, then devouring it- preferably with friends and family.

One of the reasons food and I get along so well is it seems to be the all around equalizer. Everyone eats. It is an activity that all humans from the past, present, and future do. I love that thought. Food brings everyone together for a time unequaled by any other activity. When my family is sitting around the dinner table, enjoying a meal that we worked together to make, and conversing; I feel a complete sense of calm. For that moment, everything is right in the world. Through each meal we learn a bit more about ourselves, our companions, and our humanity.

And it’s humbling. It is such a primal activity. It’s not that we choose to eat, or that we enjoy it (though those can be entwined in it), but we HAVE to eat. At some point each and every day, we must take a moment to lower ourselves to our most basic need. And with that, we all become one and the same.

I also love the fact that food keeps you connected to the earth, life cycles, and the fragility of it all. Not in a Mother Earth, worship the ground type way; but more in that it keeps us from taking for granted that which sustains us. Yes, we can plant it, nurture it, and a harvest it (and I love all of those); but we cannot control how much rain our crop gets or the sunshine. Ultimately there is a point where we have to release control over the greatest need that our bodies have. We just have to trust that the seeds will germinate, grow, and flower to produce our sustenance. There is a faith to it. I love that.

Like I said- I love food.