Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

Seeing as it’s almost Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you the two versions of “turkeys” that Little Miss and Baby Miss created. They will be taking the turkeys to their grandparents house tomorrow.

The first version, was created by Little Miss, who’s 4. We started by tracing her foot onto brown paper. Then she traced her hands onto multiple colors of construction paper. I cut the hands and feet out, then she decorated the “feather” (hands). I cut out an orange triangle for the beak, and a red squiggly for that wobbly bit on a turkey’s neck (what’s it called?). Then we cut out little orange feet, and I had her glue all these pieces on the turkey. I tried to show Little Miss how to put all the pieces on the paper, but she wanted no help in doing so. Mr. Turkey ended up a bit hidden under the feathers. I would recommend gluing the feathers first. 🙂


Now with Baby Miss, who is almost 2, we used a paper plate as the “feathers”. I let her color on it first, then she glued different colors of construction paper all over it. I cut out a turkey body, and created the same face and feet pieces as described above. She helped me glue them on. It turned out really cute.

Both girls are so proud of their turkeys and can’t wait to give them to their grandparents.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I’ll see ya after the holiday!

Love! xoxo